Each greenhouse measures 8-feet high and 8-feet wide and is made with aluminum framing and clear crystal polycarbonate built to withstand snow and wind. Similar to Roc Holiday Village Winter Igloos, the heated, enclosed structure allows for private, individual dining. Each restaurant will uniquely outfit the interior of their Winter Greenhouse.

Capacity will be from four to ten people pending New York State restrictions and in accordance with public health and safety guidelines.

Yes. All Winter Greenhouses will follow CDC guidelines on cleaning and disinfecting public spaces. Additionally, Winter Greenhouses have vents and doors that can be opened to allow for air circulation.

Each restaurant will determine if they will heat their Winter Greenhouse.

Restaurants that receive a Winter Greenhouse will be listed here.

Please contact the individual restaurant to book your Winter Greenhouse.

In the case of extreme weather Winter Greenhouses may be forced to close. Please contact the individual restaurant for information on closures.

The Roc Holiday Village festival is closed for 2020 and plans to reopen in December 2021. Information about the Roc Holiday Village festival can be found here.