Mini Maker Markets Vendor FAQs

Mini Maker Markets Vendors FAQs

Accepted vendors will be notified by email. Due to the high volume of applicants we can not notify vendors that are not accepted.

Roc Holiday Village operates rain or shine. The Village will only close in the event of extreme or dangerous weather.

Set up is any time after 1:00 pm. Your set up should be complete by 3:45 pm.

Please park with flashers on Court Street at the ramp up into the Village. Once loaded in, please move your car so others can load as well. Carts with wheels are super helpful. Court Street will be closed by 3:00 pm as food trucks take their designated places.

Breakdown is immediately after the event ends at 9:00pm.
Because the Village is open until 10:00pm that night, you will not be able to pull back onto Court Street until after that. Please plan accordingly to be able to move out without pulling back in.
You will be assigned an 8-foot table that will be onsite upon your arrival.
No, please plan to cover your table.
Yes. The Mini Makers market occurs inside a heated structure tent.
Questions? Contact us by email: kelli@rocholidayvillage.com