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Curling Demo & Instruction—Rochester Curling Club

December 7, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm


The Rochester (New York) Curling Club will lead this FREE demonstration and instruction.

Curling is a social sport focusing on fun, fitness, strategy, and teamwork.  Played on the ice, the sport has both a physical and analytical aspect.  With the rigorous sweeping required for many shots, participants get a good cardiovascular workout, and the strategy of the game is why it is often referred to as ”chess on ice”.  The goal is to deliver your stone closest to the target, and then maintain that advantage while your competitor tries to get closer or knock your stone out.

The Roc Holiday Village and the friends of the Rochester Curling Club invite you to join the fun and give one of the most entertaining Olympic Winter Games sports a try. The afternoon includes a demonstration game, instruction for beginners, and fun for all ages.

So just what is curling, anyway? Curling is a jargon-rich winter sport in which opposing rinks (teams) take turns delivering their rocks (42-pound polished granite stones) down a 144-foot long sheet (ice alley). Points are scored in each end (inning) by placing your rinks’ rocks closer to the button of the house (center of the target) than your opponent’s rocks. Think bocce.

Each rink consists of four players: Lead (throws first rocks), Second (second rocks), Vice-Skip (third rocks), and Skip (the captain who throws fourth rocks). While one player delivers a rock, two of his or her teammates follow it with brooms poised, ready to pounce and sweep in front of the rock in order to extend its distance and keep its running path straighter. Skips stand at the far end of the sheet reading strategy and calling the shots and the sweeping. But be careful not to hog your rock or burn one with your broom, or it will be removed from play!

Confused? Well, don’t be. The friends of the Rochester Curling Club will be on hand to offer an introduction to, and a vocabulary lesson for, their favorite winter sport. They’ll provide the stones, but please bring your boots or sneakers to wear on the ice – no ice-skates, please. Children and other folks who might be less sure of their footing on ice may wish to wear a bicycle helmet for added safety

*Curling at the Roc Holiday Village can only take place if the weather permits (weather cold enough to maintain an ice-covered rink but not too cold to risk frostbite!)


December 7, 2019
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
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Ice Rink